Our Story

The Community Hub is a welcoming space for people of all ages, genders and ethnicities to come together, stay safe and active and feel included and valued.

Set up by the Council of Asian People in 1982 and previously known as The Asian Centre, the Hub, located in the heart of Haringey borough, and its staff and Board members work diligently to fulfil its goal to support and ensure people live an active and healthy life.

37 years on the organisation continues to offer services to the diverse community in and around Haringey, focusing particularly, through its activities events, on the physical and emotional well-being and cohesion of people.

It also provides key support for vulnerable and marginalised residents in the area and maintains an open door, drop-in policy for anyone who is in need of advice and or support.

We welcome all to join our organisation and become a member. As a member you get discounts on charges for classes and trips and regularly receive news about events and activities taking place at the Hub. Time to time your views are sought to help us keep providing suitable and stimulating services.

Our Vision

Local people can lead healthier, happier and better connected lives.

Our Facilities

Spread over two floors, we have facilities such as a large hall, rooms and kitchens which can be hired for events and parties. It is also possible to hire a 16 seater minibus from the Hub.