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We run a range of activities to support health and well being for people of all ages and abilities at low or no cost. Whether you’re looking to stay fit, learn something new, meet people or volunteer, the community Hub has something for you.

Activities include yoga, self-defense, sewing classes, flower arranging, language and IT classes, table tennis, cards and day trips. In addition, the Hub hosts longer term projects, which offer opportunities for volunteers from across Haringey and beyond to develop skills and gain new experiences.

As a member, you receive discounts on classes and trips, while supporting the community Hub to keep making a difference.

See also news and events and projects to find out what else is happening at the Hub.

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Weekly Acts- Feb19-1


Sewing class                                                                                        ICT class

Sewing classICT class









Self-defense class

self defense

Flower designing                                                   Crafting                                                                   Table tennis

Flower designing with Konomi


Table tennis






adult daycare activities                                                    day out with daycare clients

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See the gallery of flyers to find out more about our classes:



See also news and events and projects to find out what else is happening at the Hub.

If you would like to lead an activity at the Hub, get in touch on 020 8889 6938 or drop by the community Hub’s office. We look forward to hearing from you!